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Type of Home: Multi-Family Apartments

Concern: Lead Paint City Violation

Home Built: 1891


" Your business is very professional. Thanks for answering all my questions and working quickly to make my violation deadline" Thank You" your company helped a-lot" .

Concern for Grand Child's safety

Type of Home: Single-Family

Concern:  Toxic Lead Testing

Home built: 1921 


Miss Grandma came to our company with some questions, so we set up an appointment for information on reducing lead dust exposure for her grandchild.  She owned the property and wanted it tested by one of our resources with an XRF gun. So, we referred her to the inspector, who scanned all of the exterior and interior areas of the home and found them to be Lead in the bathroom and kitchen walls, on the baseboards and casings of the property. The price came up to be around 50k. We recommend stabilizing it and repainting, but she said it should bring value and one day, the home will be her grandchild's, so it will be worth it. So, we performed some component removal and gutted the walls down to the studs, then sheet rocked and enclosed some walls, lost a couple of inches but made a lead-free home for her grandchild.

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